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What can Hercules do?
Innovative Coating
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Your address for polyurea and casting systems with individual support.

Established as a familiy business in the year 1960,  Hercules GmbH turned out to be the first contact for solutions in the range of polyurea coating technology Europe-wide during the past few years. In the year 1989 , Hercules processed, at that time for the first time in Austria, polyurethane-based spray-elastomers  and therefore opened the „gates of coating“ to the future of the mechanical processing for many following users.
Always one step ahead, interested and open-minded, ,Hercules started in the mid 90s as one of the first companies in Europe, with the professional processing of polyurea. So that now on  one hand we can proudly look back on a grown , innovative company tradition and on the other,  we are looking forward full of curiosity and with keen anticipation.

One of the most important corporate ideologies – which is significantly conducive to the continual success of our company – is the high significance o f a permanently good quality. For that reason it came to the extremely joyous and desired co-operation with the American chemist Dudley Primeaux II, the pioneer and developer of the first polyurea-spray-elastomer – not without a reason known as the „pope of polyurea“. With his name he stands for 100% quality of his formulations for our company.

Moreover we are daily experiencing the importance and the necessity of a team and we are feeling like a part of a big polyurea-team,  whose common intention is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore we understand our job as a system house also in a close collaboration and support of our customers in the processing e.g. project monitoring, supervising, construction site supervision or fulfilling of other individual requirements.
To be a trustful and helping supporter, but also to be always up to date, we benefit from a continuous and direct co-operation with organisations and persons all over the world, which are said to be the leading experts in the polyurea industry.

No progress without continuing education – curiosity and interest as basis for good motivation are a matter of course for us. So that we are proud, to be able to offer you the possibility to participate in our special spray courses for beginners and advanced learners in the polyurea technology.
The courses are taking place 2-3 times a year, under the control of Dudley Primeaux II and with the assistance of our technicians, in the ultra-modern Congress Center Villach.
A place to learn new things in theory and practice, to exchange already made experiences with other interested people, to make new contacts and of course the golden opportunity to philosophize face-to-face with Dudley Primeaux II about the world of polyurea.

Idea and innovation are always arising from creative minds, but expertise only results from the combination of know-how, experience, quality and individual service.
Profit from our strengths for your success.