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What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is the result of a chemical reaction between an aromatic or aliphatic Isocyanat and a resin mixture component (polyamine).

Those real 2-Component Systems are usually called “High-Speed-Coatings” because of their unbelievable short reaction time (2-15 seconds).

The real claim to fame of Polyurea is the fact, that the reaction happens between the 2 Components and without Catalysts, contrary to the Polyurethane Systems.

Polyurea therefore forms a chemical cross-link, which is constantly stable against  everyday wear and tear( e.g. Temperatur, UV rays, Water prove, highly chemical resistant.

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Polyurea (kein Katalysatoren erforderlich)
Polyurethan-Systemen (Katalysatoren zwingend erforderlich)