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attached is the info of a groundbreaking development that Dudley, Kibag Airfield Construction and I have done over the past few years.

 It was a very long and sometimes nerve-wracking time, but achieving our goal proved us right. We are very happy that we have succeeded here, so we believe we have created a great innovation with polyurea. We also never doubted that we would not make it. Such things are only possible with top performance in our industry and we allow our all team to be included in this.

It happens again and again around the world: a passenger plane lands in the pouring rain, the brakes fail, the plane shoots over the runway and breaks.

Most recently this year in Turkey with many dead or injured passengers. "We can save human lives," promises Hubert Tomz from Villach. Together with the American Dudley Primeaux and the Swiss company Kibag Airfield Construction,  we developed the Herki Airtec covering system, which prevents this and has applied for worldwide patent protection. Together with  company Runwaysafe from Sweden, Herki Airtec is now being offered to all airports as a safety device for installation.

For airports worldwide .It is called the "Engineered Materials Arrestor System" for short, EMAS, which is intended to enormously increase safety during inhospitable landings at airports worldwide. Tomz: “If an aircraft is unable to brake and races over the runway, it is stopped in an Emas field. This field consists of a special covering system that allows it to sink under the load of the aircraft (see main photo). Herki Airtec is very sensitive and is built in a multi-layer process based on the polyurea technology to guarantee that the aircraft will be stopped. The Herki Airtec must of course meet the requirements of the FAA (Federal Aviation Association). „

Robot applies system

“There are already similar systems, but no provider of such a covering system has been able to offer a really functioning Emas. Many built-in Emas fields with other systems already on the market are damaged and only work partially , ”Tomz analysed the market. Tomz: “Our patent application is designed in such a way that this system can be laid by special machinery and by spraybot. The application robot was specially developed by us and is already being used successfully. The system is also applied with the help of computer-controlled spray units and installed with external monitoring. This guarantees the highest possible accuracy. As an Austrian and Villacher, I am proud to have co-developed (and patented) it and to be involved in all projects as a contractual partner ”. And: Very important: The material is a "GREEN EMAS" and is subject to green technology, all materials used are free of solvents and plasticisers, and provides protection.