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Industrial flat roof project Bucharest-Romania

+30,000 m2 flat roof coating in progress, with 100 % solid polyurea.

The roof is divided into 3 segments, sheet metal roof, Inox flat roof gutters and an older existing leaking PVC roof . The challenge was to coat all three roof types with the proper polyurea system, beginning with the right primer solutions (for any of the segments different primer types take/took place). The high professional trained applicator Strike Cons from Bucharest has optimally implemented the specifications of company Hercules. The work is monitored externally, based on SSPC by the company ACT (Advanced Coating Technology)

 The requirement of the complete system are fire resistance properties & above ,- the usage of a 100% shrinkless, highly flexible polyurea system (Hertec 1180) demanded. The multi layer system & technical support was presented to the costumer and found to be the best sustainable polyurea solution and therefore chosen for this outstanding job. We were also able to convince the costumer technically in any direction. The polyurea application expert StrikCons is spraying that project with Graco and Wiwa high pressure units.  Pentech guns are used for detail work and low output spray.

Herewith we want to thank all involved parties in the trust of the Hertec material systems, our know how and the long time experience in the polyurea technology. Contact address: postmaster(at)