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Hertec 1180 and Hertec 1180 Flex

Hertec Polyurea series systems now also have gained a foothold in the furniture industry. Unique performance coupled with the best material properties, as 100% UV- and light resistant, highly wear resistant, low and high temperature resistant, highly flexible, to name but a few, are characterizing those systems. Our processor possesses a highly professional coating application technology, which  - also from the visual side - leaves any options open. Whether integrals, PU-foam bodies, EPS-bodies or also different kinds of wood, metals, nonferrous and pretious metals, all these substrates can be coated with the corresponding „know- how“. Choose also only the best polyurea systems for your coating applications. For indoor furniture in public domains we offer the systems Hertec 1180 or Hertec 1180 Flex also in a fire-resistant version.