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Polyurea Training Course from 6th to 9th March 2017

at the Polyurea Training Center Europe

we would like to announce our brand new international Polyurea Training Course from 6th to 9th March 2017 at the Polyurea Training Center Europe in Kranj/Slovenia. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn and experience the latest insights in the polyurea technology. No less than Mr. Dudley Primeaux II will present this new, highly interesting program and training. DI Bernd Kaufmann, a true specialist in robot applications and application engineering in general will assist.  This course is presented for the first time worldwide in this way. If you would like to participate at that event, you will „leave“ as a true Polyurea specialist. Learn from the undisputed best man in polyurea technology, the developer of the first polyurea spray system back in the 1980’s, Mr. Primeaux II, the man of polyurea history !

Ensure your participation as quickly as possible, the training course is  limited to 20 people. There is a lot of emphasis on practical performance, working with 2 groups, so that each participant can be fully served. The training was developed in such a way that both, beginner and advanced can participate. The training takes place at the Polyurea Training Center Europe, in the beautiful small town "Kranj" in Slovenia.

Sign up and become a real pro…..get educated  from the real polyurea people ,  the original is always better then the copy….


Yours, the team of  PTCE

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