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Dudley Primeaux II

Dudley J. Primeaux, owner of company Primeaux Associates LLC, developed in the 1980s during his employment as chemist at Texaco Chemicals in Texas, USA, the world-wide first spray-polyurea at that time.

Since then Mr. Primeaux authored over 40 technical papers relating to the polyurea industry and is named inventor on over 25 US Patents and 8 European Patents. He has many years of experience in the preparation of new raw materials, application equipment usage, field application work and in the failure analysis of coating / lining projects.
This long lasting work with polyurea is the basis for the traditionally good quality of the formulations of Primeaux Associates.

Company Hercules is proud, to have won this highly respected technician over exclusively for its polyurea systems and therefore to be able to provide our customers with his knowledge.

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