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Hertec Urea Horsefloor System

The Hertec Urea Horse floor system is without a doubt the most innovative development of Hercules Co. within the Polyurea technology. After extensive research and development and countless talks with managers, owners of Zoo’s, Stables, Horse breeders, Veterinarians, and the University for Vets in Vienna, Hercules Co. developed a Polyurea system which employs the latest technologies for floor coating systems.

Our individual basic constructions, on either concrete, asphalt or wood, substrates are designed with specially bonded Rubber granulates or Hertec Foam mats, providing the right Floor softness for the animals, and at the same time being able to adjust the thickness of the coating.
Characteristics of the Hertec Polyurea system guarantee food safeness, extreme wear and tear properties, and expansion.

The request of the Elephant House in Vienna was for an extremely resistant but also a very soft floor.
Another criteria were the slip prove steps in the Elephant’s bath. Using various substrate designs the floor could be build accordingly and made slip prove with a special Granulate/Polyurea mixture.