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The pioneer project “Euro-Cube”(living room expansion, exterior coating with an aliphatic polyurea system, interior coating with a polyaspartic system) is a first of its kind throughout Europe. Responsible for planning and the finished product the team of Scherzer & Valent Graz/Austria. The feedback among experts was tremendous.

The existing living room(penthouse) was expanded with a cube. The Cube was prefabricated, the single OSB wooden elements where coated with Hertec Pox ISB (wood primer), guaranteeing complete protection from humidity, sealing in material typical air pockets, and afterwards coated with an aliphatic Polyurea system Hertec with a thickness of 2 mm.

Therefore a water tight and UV enduring Exterior was created, plus the specified color could be applied without a second coat, and the Architect requested vapor transmission was achieved.

After lifting the elements on top of the roof  and assembling them, all joints and sections which were cut to fit additionally, were coated with a Hertec Polyurea system at the job site.

The coating was done by GAMA  Machines Technology.

Equipment used: GAMA Evolution G-250H Professional

Gun: GAMA Master gun and Palm gun for technical difficult Geometry.

Interior floors and wet rooms  were coated with a Polyaspartic system.

The decision to use the Polyaspartic system was made because of the fantastic qualities like seamless application, water proof, high gloss appearance, attractive finish, and the high color and abrasive resistance .