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Kitchen floor- „Mountain Resort Feuerberg“

The complete renewed and expanded kitchen with 280 m” at the „Mountain Resort Feuerberg“ (Gerlitzen Berg, Carinthia/Austria) has been coated in May 2011 with the polyurea system Hertec 1120.

The conception of the builder was a wear-resistant, seamless applied, foot-pleasant (easy on the joints) and chemical resistant coating for the kitchen floor. The whole cold rooms and the sink-area should be coated too, at these areas a temperature resistance onto -20°C and a high slip resistance of the standard R12 V4 was requested. Company Hercules could fulfill all these requirements with the polyurea system Hertec 1120 and therefore this system was chosen and applied. The finished floor is premium quality, whereat all vertical bondings habe been coated too in a high of 12 cm, directly on tiles, concrete and Brucha-aluminium panels. Thus the whole construction is designed like a „tank“, therefore completely seamless – water-proof! Cleaning of the floor with a lot of water/hose is no problem in regard of tightness. Thus liquid entry of any kind is completely impossible. The high chemical resistance of the system Hertec 1120 grants total protection against fruit acids, fats and oils as well as against cleaning and scrubbing agents. The Hertec 1120 was sprayed with a GAMA Evolution 50, as gun the GAMA GDI-gun was used. The setup of the gun was optimized to low output – the GAMA GDI-gun even is the only available gun world-wide, that can be set up with high as well as with low output.
The developer of this project was the architectal group Ronacher from Carinthia/Austria. Project realisation was done by Mr. DI Thomas Freunschlag. Copyright by all shown pictures, Mr. Mag. Erwin Berger. The coating works have been carried out through company „Ümit Turan“ from Vienna in highest quality.

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