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Cooler mornings and a slight chill in the air here in carinthia are reminders of the inevitable; the Austrian outside polyurea season is coming to a close, at least for those  who don't spray inside jobs.

While it's been an unbelievable season, it's not over quite yet.  Besides some new developments and still some outstanding jobs to finish, Hercules offer polyurea information days as well new machinery tec hnologies and new gun solutions.

Fall polyurea informations are a great way to get a head start on for next year's outside spray season. It's even a good time to get informed about news on Hertec polyurea systems and certification procedure.  

Our all new primer Hertec CP 20 and the fire retardant Hertec 1140 FR as well the Hertec 1180 (no shrink and high elongation polyurea system) has made an incredible splash since hitting the market.  It's set

a milestone in application with it’s easiness in application and high performance. Some of the most innovative projects were sprayed with this systems, made the best performance polyurea has to offer.

If you haven't had a chance to try our systems, professional advises, trainings and know how yet, now's the time.  It's never too early to make next season your best one ever.  

Yours Hercules Team