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Hercules announces the brand new Valmixer 01 low pressure portioner with variable ratio for spray and cast works.

 This outstanding small unit can spray/cast  polyurea, hybrid and polyurethane elastomeric systems as well epoxy and and self leveling polyurethane systems (like the Hertec 375). Any joint filling system can be easily operated with the Valmixer 01 also. Extreme easy to handle, very light in weight and runs with 220 V. For repair works, small areas it is „THE" unit.  There are also many options available, which means it can be assembled with flow meters, larger tanks, direct in material drum connection, as well stronger motors as well., et. The Valmixer 01 should be the additional unit for professional applicators which already operate with high pressure spray units and for applicators which just do small areas or joint filling jobs. When working with the Valmixer 01 the „nasty“ overspray is near 0, this means additional masking works are just minimized. Demos and viewings on demand.
For more information, please contact company Hercules Gmbh. www.hercules .at