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Hertec 1120 ultimative park deck system

Congrats to the team of company R-BYGG AS/Norway for this outstanding HERTEC 1120 coating job.

It was a coating performance on the latest level of the polyurea application, executed with the RS 12 Crossbeam Spray Robot. The project was done from well trained polyurea experts which know how to do, just this allows a phenomenal result like the Maxi storesenter park deck in Hamar/Norway . The combination of the high educated team, high performance material systems, which includes a new primer solution, spray technique and the RS 12 field robot can just guarantee that result. For both parties, the construction owner as well the applicator the results are a mile stone. An exact material calculation evidence gives an enormous transparency for the price and the whole work. Please get some infos on a short film track as well some pictures. Thx to this great cooperation with company R-BYGG AS. RS 12 Crossbeam Spray Robot- the future of polyurea applications, from professionals to professionals ! Many thanks in the direction to Dudley Primeaux II who signs for all the Hertec polyurea systems, Antonio Valli the tooling expert/developer and last but not least, DI Kaufmann the main techniquen of company Hercules.

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