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The HERTEC AA Series

Through that many years of experience,

working together with the most respected persons in the polyurea industry, we recognize the importance of keeping current with the industry’s latest technology.  In many decades, Hercules has developed more niche, industrial coatings than any other manufacturer in today’s market.  With that being said, we are very excited about the release of our NEW 100% Pure Polyureas: The HERTEC AA Series. 


HERTEC AA 2O – Elastomeric Polyurea High Pigment – is a cost-effective, unique blend of aliphatic and aromatic polymer chemistry with greater color/gloss retention.


HERTEC AA 80 – HISILVER  Roof Coating – is a very economical pure polyurea that exhibits high elongation and nearly no shrinkage, while reflecting sunlight and ultimately lowering the surface  temperature.


We are also pleased to announce that once again HERCULES has been recognized as one of the only companies worldwide which offers beside high performance coating systems, application field robots,  Robosipp pipeline inliner robots, manhole robots, the ultimative mechanical driven Valgun 01 for spraying any elastomeric system as well the Valmixer 01, our outstanding low pressure driven spray unit for cool applied polyurea systems as well epoxies and urethanes with variable ratio. Beside all this we have fully trained coating experts where we offer high grade spray courses, inspection works as well job guiding assistance.